The Balnaves Gift

Mosman is on the move. Not the whole of the wealthy municipality on Sydney’s Middle Head, which conserves more than it develops, but the art gallery (MAG), where a series of events add up to serious change [  View article  ]

Reflecting on the Glasshouse

Port Macquarie’s enviable natural and environmental assets are reflected in the ambition of the Glasshouse building that was built to house not only an art gallery and gift shop but a performing arts venue of significant ambition [  View article  ]

Gabby Malpas

The art of Gabby Malpas is delicate, refined and Zen-like. So it’s a bit of a surprise to see that she paints at her kitchen table while her husband tinkers with his motorbike on the tiled floor right next to her... [  View article  ]

Picasso to Warhol: Fourteen Modern Masters from the Museum of Modern Art, New York

This exhibition is the third in the Art Gallery of Western Australia’s Great Collections of the World series (preceded by exhibitions from the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and Victoria and Albert Museum), and the first in a six-exhibition partnership with the MOMA, developed through AGWA director Stefano Carboni’s personal contacts in New York [  View article  ]


In June 2009 at a gallery opening, Sixtoeight.net was born. It gave us a chance to offer our opinions over a glass of sparkling chardonnay while deciding to help artists promote their work, writes FLEUR MACDONALD [  View article  ]

Kyle Jenkins

Kyle Jenkins plays with our ocular experience by using the illusory tricks of geometric abstraction. Yet he disturbs these cross-eyed mesmeric effects, through the introduction of areas of painterly expressionism and collaged 1960s nostalgia [  View article  ]

Once more, with love, at Studio 2017

To live within your means is a fair axiom. No one likes waste. A group of jewellery artists responded to the cry for ethical production of art in their travelling show Once More, With Love. The Australian founder and curator Suse Scholem had four pieces of jewellery in the exhibition, which were an exemplary response to the group’s brief: to use 70% of recycled material to make new jewellery work with it [  View article  ]

Angela Ellsworth

Much of the work of US-based artist Angela Ellsworth is about converging lines: in her action drawings and stitch portraits, in her interest in lineage — both of her Mormon heritage and her connection to earlier seminal female performance artists, writes RUTH LEARNER [  View article  ]

Antarctica at the Drill Hall

A fragmentary mention of the Canberra Drill Hall Gallery’s recent Antarctica exhibition in The Australian suggested that the works of the seven artists — all of whom had visited this crystal desert — showed the place as “fragile, pure and white”. I wonder whether the author had seen the show, or even read the catalogue? [  View article  ]

Euan Macleod at the Glasshouse

“The whole experience got me working in a different way. I’d never tried to paint the turbulence of water before ... which is quite tricky painterly-wise”! The New Zealand-born landscaper, Euan Macleod, was reflecting on his new relationship with Port Macquarie [  View article  ]
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