About aAR

Australian Art Review is Australia's only bimonthly art journal. It is published, printed and produced entirely in Australia. The publisher, Australian Art & Leisure Media Pty Ltd, is committed to using environmentally responsible and sustainable paper and print services to produce aAR .

aAR looks well beyond the metropolitan centres to present artists and their works, gallery and museum profiles, exhibition reviews and previews, features, art world events, art world commentary and news.

Its editor, Patricia Anderson, has been the Sydney art critic on The Australian, a contributor to art journals here and abroad, and has written six books on aspects of the arts.

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We welcome feedback on any of our publications. You can contact us at arted@artreview.com.au, Australian Art Review, or Australian Art & Leisure Media Pty Ltd, PO Box 364, Roseville, NSW 2069.

Australian Art Review (aAR) is published by Australian Art & Leisure Media Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia.

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Issue 38