Trenton Shipley | In Motion: Paintings

Posted: 02 Nov 2012

Internationally acclaimed performer and Dancing with the Stars professional Trenton Shipley explores the lyricism and spirit of dance in his first solo exhibition In Motion: Paintings, to be held at 72 Erskine in November 2012. Shipley’s exhibition will reveal his life-long passion for painting. A creative force whose talent transcends idioms, Shipley’s innate understanding of the contrast between stillness and movement is rendered in abstractionist oil works that pulse with a vibrant and rich texture.

“I have always been interested in traversing the worlds of the static and dynamic in art,” said Trenton Shipley. “Rhythm and lyricism are innate qualities in my work.”Shipley’s irreverent yet sophisticated paintings demonstrate a deft hand at depicting gesture and fluid motion. Based in figuration, dancing in lyricism, and revelling in abstraction, Shipley’s works are uncensored, unfiltered and deeply honest. “The process of painting often feels like a boxing match between the self and my canvas, as I seek out an ultimate truth,” said Shipley.

Sydney-based Trenton Shipley has had three lifelong passions: painting, dance and theatre. His performing arts history includes numerous international accolades. He has worked in television and theatre productions and, in 2005, was invited to coach and perform in Series of “Dancing with the Stars”, where he partnered Chris Bath to the Grand Final.

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