Laneway Art Project 2011

Posted: 09 Sep 2011

Relax on inflatable furniture in Bulletin Place, discover the Wiradjuri matrix in Bridge Lane, see a guerrilla knitter yarnbombing in Sussex Lane or make a date with an amazing travelling picture show…

This and more on offer this September when laneways from Town Hall to Circular Quay are turned into the City’s biggest and best open air gallery.

Seven projects by Australian and international artists will creatively re-imagine our laneways and backstreets as part of the City of Sydney’s 10th annual public art festival Art & About Sydney 2011.

This year’s artists include Rebar (San Francisco), Brook Andrew (Sydney-Melbourne), Barry McGee (San Francisco), Magda Sayeg (Austin), curated by Amanda Sharrad and Justine Topfer, with individual projects by Isidro Blasco (New York), Heidi Axelson, Hugo Moline and Adriano Pupilli (Sydney) and Sarah Langdon and Emma Pike (Sydney).  

The “Magnificent Seven” projects in the fifth Laneway Art program include:

·         Bubbleway, Rebar - Bulletin Place

A modular, inflatable social furniture system designed to invite Sydneysiders to rethink notions of public space, Bubbleway hopes to encourage new forms of informal social interactions.

·         Donut, Brook Andrew- Bridge Lane

Contrasting the unique heritage laneway architecture of Bridge Lane and adorned with a highly graphic black and white matrix, derived from the traditional Wiradjuri design that Brook often inserts into his art, a large inflatable hangs suspended high above our heads.

·         Untitled, Barry McGee - Tank Stream Way

International graffiti and street art legend, Barry McGee creates an evocative work that teeters between the free spirit of graffiti, the random energy of the urbane, and the pure intent of controlled artistry.

·         Untitled, Magda Sayeg - Sussex Lane

Yarnbombing, guerrilla knitting, or yarnstorming... call it what you will. Queen and founder of the knit graffiti movement Magda Sayeg, will infuse Sussex Lane with warmth and humanity providing a knit-one, pearl-one makeover.

·         Deconstructing Ways, Isidro Blasco - Market Row

Allow your imagination to step into a parallel world at the intersection of Mullins Street and Market Row, as an optical illusion provides you with an alternative route.

·         peri(pheral)scope,Heidi Axelson, Hugo Moline, Adriano Pupilli - Skittle Lane

Outer Sydney comes into view, asgiant optical devices look out to Sydney’s western edge, revealing an insider’s view with the support from Information Cultural Exchange.

·         The Amazing Rolling Picture Show, Sarah Langdon and Emma Pike - Various lanes

Intimate installation spaces, nestled amongst skyscrapers, ally cats and city innards will spring up in Sydney’s laneways each week. Rolling picture shows, (portable projections transported by rickshaw), will screen the works of 12 unique video installation artists.

The Laneway Art Program will run from 23 September to 31 January 2012.

Image: Isidro Blasco, Deconstructing Ways

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