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Posted: 23 Mar 2012

Lauren Brincat is a Sydney-based artist. Her work featured in Make a Scene (curated by Tania Doropoulos) and Social Sculpture (curated by Charlotte Day), both at Anna Schwartz Gallery, Sydney. Shoot from the Hip at Anna Schwartz Gallery, Sydney will be her first solo exhibition with the gallery.
Primarily working in performance, Lauren does not confine herself to prescribed methods of production, her practice spanning a variety of mediums including video and sculpture.
Brincat's early works were imbued with references to rock and roll music, and many featured her performing with various pieces of percussion - drum kits, snare drums, and cymbals. These actions were often carried out in solitude and presented as video documentations.
Recent works, such as Hear This and Steady as she goes have seen Brincat document more private, intimate, and spontaneous moments.
The recipient of the 2009 Helen Lempriere Travelling scholarship, Brincat has exhibited across Australia and internationally. Her work now features in the collections of MONA, the MCA, the Art Gallery of Western Australia (AGWA) and the Chartwell Collection in New Zealand (Auckland Art Gallery).
In 2012, a new body of work will feature in Contemporary Australia: Women at Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art, and Brincat's work will be shown in How Yesterday Remembers Tomorrow at Artspace, Sydney. In April, Lauren will travel to the United States to participate in a symposium at Harvard and then will feature in a group exhibition at Matucana 100 in Chile. Later in the year, her work will adorn the exterior of Federation Square in Melbourne.

Opening Event: Saturday, 24 March, 3pm - 5pm

Exhibition runs Wednesday 28 March - Saturday 21 April 2012

Click here for further information on Anna Schwartz Gallery Sydney .

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