Rhys Lee | Cracked Pots

Posted: 27 Feb 2013

Venn Gallery presents Cracked Pots, a solo exhibition of new works by Melbourne-based artist Rhys Lee. The exhibition is Lee’s first presentation of work in Western Australia and features a large 10m painting that has been developed in the gallery space, along with numerous works on paper displaying his distinctive style of free-form portraiture.

Known for his skillful use of colour and haunting imagery, Lee’s work exudes an ethereal quality that is expressed through heavy brushstrokes and textured visceral forms. In Cracked Pots, Lee explores fissures in the human condition and looks to uncover these lines of breakage to show the crazed or unhinged parts of the psyche. The resulting artworks are dark and elusive studies that reveal a disparate range of characters and strange beings.

Exhibition runs 8 February – 22 March 2013

Click here for further information on Venn Gallery .

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