Casey Ayres

ANDREW NICHOLLS discusses the work of an artist showcased by an edgy new commercial outlet [  More info  ]

A compelling presence

LOUISE MARTIN-CHEW explores the originality and gravity of works which have the presence of tribal artefacts [  More info  ]

A powerful tradition

APOLLINE KOHEN traces the genesis of the Papunya Tula Art Movement and its continuing momentum [  More info  ]

Art Nouveau in Australia

Sydney Long was Australia’s most accomplished art nouveau painter and printmaker. This major retrospective exhibition, accompanied by its scholarly monographic catalogue written by the show’s curator, Dr Anne Gray, redefines our understanding of Sydney Long [  More info  ]

Violeta Capovska

RUTH LERNER casts an eye over an exhibition by an artist whose work embraces Australia and Macedonia [  More info  ]

An artist indoors

SASHA GRISHIN imaginatively revisits the artist with particular preoccupations: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec [  More info  ]

John Cullinane

ANDREW NICHOLLS explores the whimsical work of an artist whose works have found their way to the National Gallery collection and Canberra’s Parliament House [  More info  ]

Peter Cripps

LOUISE MARTIN-CHEW casts an eye over an exhibition mounted by an artist and former director of the Institute of Modern Art [  More info  ]

Excess Baggage

VICTORIA HYNES discusses a collaboration between two artists that creates assemblages which illuminate the chaos and clutter of our everyday life [  More info  ]

Humour and History

STEPHANIE RADOK applauds the full dance card of a triennial and a conference devoted to ceramics in Adelaide [  More info  ]
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